Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s an ERC-20 Token redeemable for Superbloom membership. Members vote on projects they deem worthy of funding. Once a company is approved, you’ll have exclusive access to purchase their pre-sale ICO tokens. Tokens will have additional utility both on and off platform.
Tokens are set at $0.10 during our fall pre-sale. Their long term value depends on the supply/demand of the token, its utility as guaranteed by companies in our pipeline, and Superbloom network effects - GDP and output produced by it.
Apply for access to Superboom’s platform. If approved, you can reserve Superbloom tokens during the pre-sale period: now through January 2018.
Yes. All tokens and digital assets are secure in cold storage - they are stored without touching the Internet. Your tokens remain in an insured holding account until you choose to withdraw/transfer.
Your membership includes access to the beta Superbloom exchange. We make it easy to trade tokens for Fiat and other digital assets.